Fleece Soaker sizing Information

Cloth Nappy Covers

The fleece soaker sizing information found below are approximate as each baby is shaped different, but going by past customers experience they may fit the ages mentioned.. But overall the best way to ensure a good fit is to measure over a night nappy and if you find your baby is in between sizes order the bigger size as its better for the soakers to be loose fitting.. Tight fleece soakers can and will cause compression leaks.. (imagine a sponge being squeezed) so we do advise measuring before ordering as this can ensure you get the best sized soaker for your baby.


Using a measuring tape measure over the top part of babies cloth nappy as this will give you the waist size, then measure the top of babies thighs where the cuffs of the soaker will rest. For the rise measure from the back and up through the legs to the top of the nappy.

Washing a fleece soaker

is easy and as they are fast drying will be ready to use again in no time. Turn your soaker inside out to help keep the print newer for longer. They will be almost dry to the touch when coming out of the washing machine, meaning they should be ready to use again that same night. You can also use fabric softener on your soakers as this will make them even more water resistant..

Once you have checked the fleece soaker sizing information below and picked a size its time to finally browse our selection of Fleece Soakers

Fleece Soaker Sizing –

Size Small Fleece Soakers – Approximately Newborn to One Month

Rise 15 inches – (from the back up through the legs to the belly button area)
Waist 13-15 inches- (Measure just over the top of the nappy to ensure the soaker will cover the nappy fully)
Thigh 7-8 inches – (measure loosely over the thighs)

Size Medium Fleece Soakers – From approximately One Month to Four Months

Rise 17 inches
Waist 15-17 inches
Thigh 9-10 inches

Size Large Fleece Soakers – From Approximately Four Months to Six Months

Rise 19 inches
Waist 17-19 inches
Thigh 10-11 inches

Size XL Fleece Soakers – From approximately six Months up to a Year

Rise 20.5 inches
Waist 19-20.5 inches
Thigh 11-13 inches

Size XXL Fleece Soakers – Over a Year to approximately 18 months

Rise 22 inches
Waist 20-22.5 inches
Thigh 12-13 inches

Size XXXL Fleece Soakers – 18 months to over 2 years approximately.

Rise 23.5 inches
Waist 22-24.5 inches
Thigh 13-14 inches

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